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A highlight of George Canyon’s performance was the song “I Want You To Live.”  He wrote this song the military and their families.  I noticed a man and a woman in their camouflage watching, obviously touched by the song.  Another woman in the crowd hugged the female soldier and chatted with her.

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Many pancake breakfasts provide live music to entertain folks while they wait in line and eat.  George Canyon was the headliner this morning.  Of course, I took some photos to share with you.  I like the ones with motion blur the best.

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(20100701)  Musician Wil put on an energetic show in Calgary for Canada Day (July 1, 2010.)  This was my first exposure to Wil and I enjoyed his performance.  Catch him if you have the opportunity.

Here’s my favourite shot with the lit fog appearing as if it were exhaust off his steaming guitar.